Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

ULI Northwest is expanding it’s operations. We are looking for interested members to help us fill the following volunteer roles. Please submit your resume and up to one page detailing your interests and skills that would help fulfill the role.

Additional details for each position can be found here.

Committee Requirements:

  • Monthly meeting: In-person or via conference call with the Committee Chair.
  • Management Meeting: 2x a year, in-person meetings with ULI Staff, Management Chairs, and all Committee members.

Finance Committee: Bob Muravez, Umpqua Bank (Chair)

  • Lead Analyst
  • Programs Liaison
  • Sponsorship & Membership Liaison

Membership Committee: Ian Carlton, ECONorthwest (Chair)

  • Best Practices Lead
  • Recruitment Lead
  • Integration Lead
  • Retention Lead

Programs Committee: Patricia Raicht, JLL (Chair)

  • Event Development Lead
  • Event Planning Lead

Sponsorship Committee: Murray Jenkins, Ankrom Moisan Architects (Chair)

  • Best Practices Lead
  • Target Lead
  • Sponsorship Outreach Lead