Center for Sustainable Leadership

Developing a Prosperous, Sustainable Puget Sound

ULI Northwest is pleased to announce the Center for Sustainable Leadership, an initiative for individuals set to make their mark on our built environment. Meeting over the course of a year, attendees will engage with industry experts, local executives, and national thought leaders on the Puget Sound region’s most pressing issues. Graduates will emerge with a strengthened network of their peers and new frameworks for solving tomorrow’s real estate, land use, and environmental challenges. Attendees are by application and invitation only and must meet minimum prerequisites.

Center for Sustainable Leadership

Cultivating the Leaders of Tomorrow
Students of the Center for Sustainable Leadership apply lessons taught by recognized experts in the fields of management training and behavioral science and learn from national luminaries who have forged a path to sustainability for their organizations and for our industry. Through a series of hands-on exercises and team activities, participants will develop expertise in identifying, measuring and achieving professional goals that create lasting, positive outcomes. As a capstone, participants will apply their skills to a Team Project.

We have recently completed our 2016 CSL course. The program will be going on hiatus for 2017 due to the ULI Spring Meeting in Seattle, but will return in 2018. Check here for updates in mid 2017.

Our MISSION is to cultivate innovators in real estate, land use, and transportation.

Testimonials on Professional Advantages Provided by CSL

“CSL was an incredibly valuable experience for me at this point in my career.  The combination of an emphasis on sustainable development and personal leadership was not only unique, it was very well planned and executed.  The program gave me the confidence to take my career to the next level and to take an even stronger leadership position in my new venture. I highly recommend CSL to anyone.” – Marja Preston, Oranje

“It’s not enough for us, either as companies, governments, or a region, to simply say we have a vision to create a more sustainable world. We must engage talented leaders throughout all sectors of our community and equip them with the tools necessary to clarify that vision and then to go out and make it happen. This is the goal of the ULI Northwest Center for Sustainable Leadership.”
– Don Wise, Metzler North America


  1. Build the intellectual foundation, strategic thinking, business and policy infrastructure, and professional tools to improve the resilience of our region.
  2. Foster a leadership network of individuals who have the capability and desire to influence others through their work in the fields of real estate, community development, policy, planning, and business management.
  3. Challenge linear mindsets and industry silos (land use vs. buildings, private sector vs. public sector) and enable organizations to better capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Why Participate?

  • Position yourself, your firm, and your community for future success
  • Challenge your assumptions and foster new approaches for evaluating and solving tough problems
  • Strengthen your network and broaden your perspective

Who Participates?

  • Individuals with an impact on the built environment
  • Current and future executives, elected and appointed officials, and community leaders
  • Those recognized by their peers as charting new paths and connecting diverse stakeholders
  • Those who see economic development, real estate, community service, and sustainability as inextricably linked for the prosperity of the Puget Sound and their organizations