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NEW! YLG Partnership Forum Groups

Call for Applications

If you have ever attended one of the YLG Leadership Forums, you know how valuable they can be. Interacting with leaders from the development community in a small group setting is the best way to learn and stay connected.

Want to get even more out of your ULI membership? Starting in 2019, the Leadership Forums will be transitioning to a new format called Partnership Forum Groups.

This program will place you in a group of 10-20 YLG members with similar interests, where you will attend a series of forums under the guidance of a mentor. Each Partnership Forum Group will have one “Mentor,” two “Captains,” and 10-20 “Protégés.”  Each group will meet about once a month from February-July 2019 with industry leaders to learn from their experiences, ask questions and discuss current trends.


Note: Partnership Forum Groups are exclusively open to ULI members 35 and under. Not a ULI member? Click here for more information on ULI membership.

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