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Check Out an Urban Land Magazine article on Seattle’s Bullitt Center

An Environmental Model of the Next 250 Years: Seattle’s Bullitt Center
By Brad Berton
November 26, 2013
(The Bullitt Center's oversized roof allows space for a large number of highly efficient photovoltaic panels for generating electricity. Photo Courtesy of Nic Lehoux)
Considering that Seattle’s envelope-pushing Bullitt Center mid-rise office building is designed for net-zero use of both energy and water—and over a 250-year life span—one might expect it to feature all manner of futuristic efficiency-boosting gadgetry. In fact, developer Bullitt Foundation’s sustainability-obsessed design and engineering team did consider incorporating an alphabet soup of new-wave technologies likely to play a prominent role as the quest progresses for net-zero buildings—structures that generate as much energy and harvest as much water as they consume.

Among the emerging technologies the team assessed but ultimately rejected in favor of more readily accessible systems were facade-integrated PV (photovoltaic) elements, heat-absorbing PCM (phase-change materials) solutions, and dynamic EC (electrochromic) glazing.

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