With a small staff, we are primarily a volunteer-run organization. As such, we act as facilitators for our members to come together over common interests and issues that they address in the real estate and land use industry. ULI Northwest welcomes your participation. For more information about a particular committee or task force, please email


Please contact us for more information about getting involved.

Advisory Board

Oversees all of ULI Northwest’s committees and initiatives ensuring the district council retains prudent control of its own internal affairs while furthering the ULI mission.

Governance Committee

The Vice Chair of Governance is the most recent past ULI Northwest Chair. This committee meets twice a year and acts as a governing group to guide major structural changes for the District Council.

Management Committee

The Management Committee is populated by Vice Chairs of ULI District Council Task Forces to communicate with each other about the initiatives and issues each are taking on in their respective groups. Vice Chairs therefore can identify opportunities for collaboration and can minimize duplication.


Plans and implements District Council events calendar, facilitating the exchange of knowledge to promote best practices in land use and development.


Identifies and solicits annual sponsors to fund ULI Northwest events, community outreach programs, and initiatives.


Enhances the District Council’s ability to achieve its mission by building a diverse and actively involved public and private sector membership.

Technical Assistance Panels

The ULI Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) program brings the finest expertise in the real estate, planning and development fields together to collaborate on complex land use and redevelopment projects.

Task Forces

The best way to get involved on a local level is to join one of our task forces. Task forces meet monthly to plan programs and events that center on a specific content area. Only members of ULI can participate on our task forces.

Young Leaders Group

Engages younger ULI members (under 35) in the District Council’s activities.