YLG Cascadia Regional Conference

The large-scale economic and environmental challenges we face require new thinking and creative solutions. Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver stand out as models for their innovative approaches to land use, transportation, environmental protection, and development. ULI Young Leaders from all three cities have been instrumental in crafting the forward-thinking solutions that are shaping our region’s future. But major challenges still remain. What can we learn from each other and from the cities in which we live?

YLG Cascadia Regional Conference

Next Up? Seattle 2018 (July 20 & 21)

The Young Leaders Group Cascadia Regional Conference brings speakers and attendees from across the Cascadia Region to address the most current topics in real estate development and urban design. The conference provides an interactive way to learn and share with one another while strengthening our communities.

Why Attend?

  • Hear experts from each city debate the pros and cons of their city’s approach to development
  • Meet peers from other cities, and catch up with friends from past conferences
  • Engage in peer-to-peer sessions to explore a variety of topics
  • Tour local projects that showcase new innovations
  • Take in the evening attractions while networking with other real estate professionals

Registration Open