Spring Meeting 2017

Spring Meeting 2017

2017SpringMtg_prospectus_final_Page_1The ULI Spring Meeting will be held in Seattle on May 2-4, 2017. Members, take advantage of this incredible opportunity and help ULI Northwest plan and execute an amazing conference! Please contact us at Northwest@uli.org for sponsorship and volunteer opportunities.

The Sponsorship Committee is responsible for raising local sponsorship dollars to help offset the costs of the meeting as well as contribute to the resources needed for ULI to carry out its program of work. In addition to generating sponsorship revenue, the committee will work to develop new relationships with companies that have not been previously involved with ULI.

Mobile Tours
Mobile tours provide attendees insights into successful real estate projects in the region and share lessons learned and best practices.  The Mobile Tours Committee plans and executes approximately 10 to 12 mobile workshops that will be held during the meeting. One or two members of the Host Committee provide oversight for all of the workshops; other local members are assigned responsibility for each of the specific tours. Tour coordinators are charged with developing each tour itinerary, securing speakers who will address tour participants at various locations, assisting in the preparation of a routing map and directions for bus drivers, and identifying or serving as tour guides. ULI staff coordinates all logistics, including meals if relevant, transportation, and marketing.

Mobile Tours are typically 4 to 6 hours long (including travel time) and provide participants with an exclusive look at a project or group of similar projects that tell a cutting-edge real estate story with lessons that can be applied elsewhere. The most successful tours involve hands-on discussions of what made the project(s) work, difficulties that had to be overcome, and a sharing of real data and information related to the project. People with first-hand experience (e.g., the developers, architects, public officials) meet with participants for frank conversation and experience sharing. A diverse offering of projects needs to be included.

Special Interest Tours
Special Interest Tours provide attendees with a unique experience that they cannot otherwise access or attend except through the ULI Spring Meeting. Typically one to two special interest tours are offered on each day of the meeting. This group will work in partnership with the Mobile Tours Committee to provide ULI staff with recommendations on cultural venues, unique cultural programs, and experiences they cannot access on their own. Specially guided tours of private art collections, adventure tours (hikes, bike tours, etc.) and behind-the-scenes tours of unique facilities are the types of things attendees like. The subcommittee also provides the introductions to contacts needed to make the tours unique and special.

The Venues Committee will identify unique meeting and reception spaces for the many offsite events that are held in conjunction with the meeting. ULI will identify and secure the “hub” for the meeting and the majority of the programming will take place there. However, there are several other events that take place during the meeting and the Venues Committee will assist in identifying unique and exclusive venues for these events and in many cases, getting access that ULI could not get on its own.

Program Input
Creating compelling and cutting-edge programs that will make the Spring Meeting the premier industry event to attend, the Local Program Committee works closely with the national Program Committee to ensure that the program is representative of what is happening in the industry, cutting-edge, and bringing the best regional talent to the program. This includes general session speakers, concurrent session speakers, and speakers for special events such as Governors events and Trustees meetings. However it must be noted that primary responsibility for the creation and implementation of the program lies with the National Program Committee and ULI meeting staff. The Local Program Committee Chair is committed to including relevant and timely programming from the region and looks to the Host Committee for that input. Representatives from the Host Committee sit on the Program Committee for the Meeting and are active members.

Local Marketing and Messaging
Working with ULI staff to communicate the theme and brand for the meeting that will embody the essence of the meeting and resonate with potential attendees and media, this committee will provide suggestions on a media outreach plan that will result in advance news stories and high media attendance at the meeting.

Local members will provide input on publicity for the meeting, especially to local markets. ULI looks to the local members who know the market and can help tell the ULI story. This publicity and media outreach committee will work with ULI’s communications team to provide input on the “brand” for the meeting and also provide advice on local and regional media outreach opportunities.

A media strategy for the meeting will be developed by ULI’s communications team and include the advice of this subcommittee on how to reach – and use – the local media. This committee will work with ULI’s communications team to ensure that it is reaching all appropriate media channels to ensure a high level of positive coverage before, during and after the meeting. This work can also help cultivate lasting relationships with the local media that can be advantageous to the District Council going forward.

Membership and Marketing Outreach
The goal of this committee is to attract the local members and nonmember prospects to attend the meeting. ULI strives to increase attendance at each meeting and to attract a mix of members and nonmembers in the public and private sectors and at every career stage. In collaboration with ULI staff, the committee will identify individuals and groups in the region that will be targeted to encourage attendance, the most effective approaches to reach them, and will participate in outreach activities. ULI staff will coordinate communications and registrations for these groups.

For more information, please explore the official ULI Spring Meeting site.