ULI Northwest - Design Week Portland | Technology and Livability: Designing Cities for the Future (Portland)


Thursday, April 11th, 2019
8:30am - 10:00am PDT
As new technologies become more advanced, integrated, and connected; we are encouraged to reimagine our urban landscape and our daily lives within it. The future promises greater connectivity, convenience, and efficiency - but does it truly enhance our livability?

Sensors and data collection enable opportunities to make our lives easier and more connected, new construction materials and innovative methods offer more sustainable and efficient solutions for buildings; and technology-driven infrastructure makes possible unprecedented convenience and accessibility.

In this future, what will transportation be like? Healthcare? Education? Where, and how, will we gather and create community? Further, what are the potential positive, and negative, implications of tools and advances like VR, AI, machine learning, and augmented reality? Most critically, how can we leverage technology to create a better, more positive way of life?

Join us for a presentation and panel discussion on emerging technologies shaping the future of our cities. * Light breakfast included.

Location TBD (watch this space!)


  • Hannah Furseth, Design Manager at Gensler
  • Eliot Rose, Technology Strategist at Metro
  • Sce Pike, Founder & CEO of IOTAS
  • Wilf Pinfold, CEO at Urban Systems
  • Becky Steckler, Program Director for Urbanism Next