ULI Toronto: Affordable Development Obstacle: The Single Staircase


2024-05-21T12:00:00 - 2024-05-21T13:00:00

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    There is no greater obstacle to building affordable “Missing Middle” than the legacy 1941 Canadian National Building Code requirement of two means of egress from any building more than three storeys tall. Whereas European jurisdictions do not treat mid-rise and high-rise the same and are witnessing a flourishing of affordable missing middle typologies, the GTA is seeing very few such buildings under construction.
    Join ULI Toronto as we review the current Building Code requirements, hear from those in other international jurisdictions about their designs, explore what impact a single stair in mid-rise buildings may mean for the feasibility of this typology, and finally hear about the push to make this happen.

    Elsa Lam, Editor, Canadian Architect

    Grace H. Kim, Founding Principal, Schemata Workshop
    Conrad Speckert, Intern Architect, LGA Architectural Partners
    Nima Kia, Director, Development & Housing Now, CreateTO
    Kevin Harding, Director, Safety Policy, Government of British Columbia