ULI Northwest: Back to Work – Practical Adaptations on the Future of Office


2021-09-16T12:00:00 - 2021-09-16T13:00:00

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    The needs of office users are shifting dramatically and how they use space is evolving as a result.  An increase in remote working opportunities has changed how some companies use space or eliminated the need altogether. Take a deeper dive into how office users are adapting their space for the future and learn how to create work spaces that accommodate this new working environment.  Learn how a large institutional office user and owner is adapting, how smaller flex-office space is impacted, and how designers are making it all work for employees.
    Cindy Laurila | Corporate Real Estate Manager, PGE
    Alex Hughes | Co-Founder, CENTRL Office
    Monty Hill | Design Director & Associate Principal, Mackenzie 
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