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Event Recap: China & Japan Study Tour

For 2 weeks in June 2016, ULI Northwest staff guided a delegation of North American ULI Members on a study tour of Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Kyoto. This was the first trip of its kind organized by a U.S. District Council with assistance with our counterparts from ULI Mainland China and ULI Japan. Our trip began in Beijing, the capital city and government seat of China. The first day in Beijing was set aside for cultural tours. We managed to see both the Forbidden Palace and the Great Wall in … Read More

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Event Recap: Put a Lid on It

A recent ULI Northwest panel discussion brought together experts on lidding freeways and explored the questions around whether it’s possible to lid more of Interstate 5 in Seattle. The motivations seem obvious: creating new urban land, restoring neighborhood connections, and mitigating environmental impacts. But what would it take and who would pay for it? The four expert panelists dived into the details that excited many of those in attendance. Keynote speaker James Burnett provided an overview of this urban design trend and how it played into his landscape architecture firm’s … Read More

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Event Recap: Tactical Urbanism with Mike Lydon

The second of ULI Northwest’s stimULI events featured Mike Lydon, author of Tactical Urbanism and principal of Streetplans. For the 40+ participants assembled at MG2’s Seattle offices on May 17th, this interactive event served up fresh ideas and a lively, engaging format. True to the experimental spirit of curiosity that distinguishes tactical urbanism from conventional “community engagement,” the event was a refreshing departure from the typical equation of powerpoint + talking head x darkened room = boring. Well supported with snacks, sweets, and beer, our late afternoon exploration started with … Read More

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Event Preview | Put a Lid on It: Creating New Opportunities for Urban Land

What does the future look like for Seattle as open space becomes scarce due to population growth? While we might not have an answer just quite yet, ULI Northwest is hoping to continue this discussion by hosting an event that will discuss the idea of putting a lid on I-5 and whether or not this is the right fit for downtown Seattle. Held on June 1st, 2016 at the Grand Hyatt in Downtown Seattle from 7:30 A.M to 10:00 A.M, this is an event you won’t want to miss. With … Read More

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Spotlight on Kyoto

Kyoto, the original capital of Japan, is the country’s cultural epicenter and holds countless immaculately preserved historical and spiritual treasures. We are offering an optional add-on of two days in Kyoto at the end of our Study Tour that you won’t want to miss. Highlights on our Kyoto visit will include: Private dinner at a traditional Kyoto restaurant with locally sourced cuisine and sake pairing Morning meditation and tea ceremoney in Kodaji Temple Lunch at Kiyomizu Temple featuring traditional Buddist style vegetarian lunch overlooking a private garden inside the temple … Read More

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Spotlight on Tokyo

Here are five fun facts about Tokyo, the third stop of our upcoming study tour of China & Japan: 1. The Greater Tokyo Area is the most densely populated metropolitan area in the world with 37.8 million people. For comparison, the state of California has a population of 38.8 million people. 2. Tokyo has a massive subway system that boasts 285 stations and 13 lines covering a total system length of nearly 200 miles. Nearly 7 million people ride the subway each day. 3. Much of Tokyo’s cuisine doesn’t so much represent … Read More

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Spotlight on Shanghai

Here are five fun facts on Shanghai, the second stop of our upcoming study tour of China & Japan: 1. Shanghai is huge! There are 4 times as many people in the City of Shanghai than in the entire country of New Zealand. 2. The main language spoken in Shanghai is Shanghainese. Like many Chinese regions, Shanghai has its own unique language. It is one of the 248 Chinese dialects. And within Shanghai, there are mini dialects. Those from the outer suburbs use different vocabulary and have accents different from … Read More

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Sound Transit U-Link Grand Opening

Husky Stadium Station and Broadway Station, the two newest stations of Seattle’s light rail system, opened over the weekend. Dubbed as U-Link by Sound Transit, the Husky Stadium station marks the first light rail connection to North Seattle. See below for more photos from the Husky Stadium Station grand opening.

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Spotlight on Beijing

Here are five fun facts on Beijing, the first stop of our upcoming study tour of China & Japan: 1. Beijing is the capital of the People’s Republic of China. Bei means northern, and jing means capital. 2. Beijing is the center of the nation’s politics and international exchanges, and it is also China’s second largest city after Shanghai. 3. The cuisine in Beijing is known as Jing Cuisine, and the popular dishes include Hot and Sour Soup, Moo Shu Pork, and Peking Duck, which is a roast duck sliced … Read More

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China & Japan Tour


Join ULI Northwest on an immersive tour of three major Asian markets: Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo. Prepare for exclusive access to new projects, executive-level investors and developers, and insights into direct investment between North America and Asia. Reserve your spot now for this dynamic tour of Asia’s most important markets for investment and development. The tour will include three days at the ULI Asia Pacific Summit in Shanghai, the region’s premier real estate event featuring sessions with industry leaders and in-depth property tours. The tour is specifically designed for upper-level … Read More

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